New World Currents  was formed in the union of four consolidated Chilean salmon companies (Australis, Blumar, Camanchaca & Yadran) and was created exclusively for competing in the Chinese market. New world currents is the number one exporter of the Chilean salmon . Our company was registered in hongkong in 2013,we have branch office in Shenzhen and Shanghai so far. We are working on providing Chinese market with stable and premium salmon .In the meantime, we hope we can have more cooperation with Chinese .

Chile is one of the biggest salmon producer in the world. Australis, Blumar, Camachaca and Yadran are all big salmon producer in this area. The salmon volume of these 4 companies is over 150 thousand tons in one year and occupies 10% of the world salmon volume. All these 4 company established New World Currents. NWC have improved the export volume of Chilean salmon since 2013. So far  our export volume already reach 33% of the Chilean salmon.

Our salmon products have 2 kinds:whole salmon and salmon portion..As for whole salmon ,we have fresh salmon and frozen salmon.But for salmon portion, we choose frozen for now,which include semi-finished products and pre-processed products. With the sustainable growth of salmon demand for the past few years in China, the salmon consumption are becoming diversified . We adhere to the concept of “based on the local,improve add valued products and try to have more cooperation on some area,like reprocess our products with local enterprises,expand our traditional retail channel ,e-commerce etc.

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