Chile is located in southwestern South America, the Western foot of the andes. Latitude 18 degrees and 57 degrees, 81.5 degrees west longitude ~68.5 degrees. The East is adjacent to Argentina, the North borders Peru and Bolivia, the west to the Pacific, and the south to the south. The coastline is about 10 thousand kilometers long, 4352 kilometers long from north to south, the narrowest 96.8 kilometers and the widest 362.3 kilometers. It is the most narrow and narrow country in the world. Chile has a land area of 756626 square kilometers (of which the land area is 756253 square kilometers, and the island area is 373 square kilometers), ranking seventh in South American countries.

South America's Chile, it is like a long and thin writing brush, from north to south for 4270 kilometers. If you put it on a map of China, you'll have to stretch from the northernmost part of Heilongjiang province to Paracel Islands. And the width of the land between the East-West average of only 180 kilometers, but equivalent to the distance between Shanghai and Hangzhou, only 1/24 of the length of the territory, can be called the world's most narrow territory of the country.


As the country stretches across 38 latitudes and has different geographical conditions, Chile's climate is complex, diverse and diverse, making it difficult to sum up Chile's climate in one sentence. According to Cobain climate classification, in Chile in China including at least seven major climatic sub types, including the northern desert to the East and southeast of the alpine tundra and glaciers, humid climate of subtropical Easter Island, southern Chile, marine climate and Mediterranean climate in central chile. In most parts of the country, there are four seasons: Summer (December to February), autumn (March - May), winter (June - August) and spring (September - November).

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