Salmon is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. Their natural habitats are North Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The artificial breeding areas also include North Atlantic Ocean, South American sea area and the great lakes of north America. As for food, Salmon in normally referred as Atlantic Salmon, when it comes to the Pacific Salmon it is basically the wild specimen.
Salmon is a carnivorous fish and in their diet we can find generally small fish, mollusk and shrimp. In wild environments, salmons are a anadromous migration, from rapids and waterfalls to freshwater areas for egg laying and once the eggs hatch, the newborn will go back the ocean .
The history of the salmon consumption its very long. 5000 years ago, Nice Colli tribe ate salmon already. Salmons are much-loved food because they are less thorn, small scale, exquisite meat, smooth taste and full of nutriments. By early 20th century, people started culturing salmon on a large scale. Artificial cultural salmon can reach 120.000 tons per year after hundreds of years development where most of them are Atlantic salmon. 99% of the Atlantic salmon we eat are cultured by people as shown in the survey.
Chile is one of the most important salmon export countries in the world. New World Currents is the key channel for the Chilean salmon in China and our mission is to fulfill the Chinese market requirements for a brighter future for both the company and our satisfied clients.
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