GE salmon advancing in the US with FDA’s blessing

AquaBounty Technologies is expanding genetically engineered salmon production in the United States after receiving approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new facility near Albany, Indiana.

AquaBounty will raise AquAdvantage genetically-engineered salmon at the land-based contained facility, after FDA issues its labeling guidelines.

Earlier this year, AquaBounty Technologies, Inc., issued an underwritten public offering that was expected to raise USD 12 million (EUR 9.9 million). 
“The company currently intends to use the net proceeds of this offering to continue construction and renovation activities of its existing facilities in Rollo Bay [Prince Edward Island, Canada] and Indiana, for working capital costs associated with growing its first batches of fish at our Indiana and Rollo Bay farm sites, and other general corporate purposes…” AquaBounty said in January.

The Indiana facility has a production capacity of 1,200 tons per year and was designed to allow significant expansion.

 “With the facility now approved, commercial production of AquAdvantage Salmon awaits only official labeling guidelines by the FDA,” AquaBounty said in a press release.

“This is another milestone in our journey to bring our healthy and sustainable salmon to consumers. We are very pleased the FDA has continued their rigorous science-based review process and approved our application on its merits,” added Ron Stotish, CEO of AquaBounty. “Our Albany facility is within a few hours drive of major markets in Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville, and St. Louis, providing us with tremendous opportunity for growth. We still have work to do before we can start production, but we take great pride in this latest accomplishment.”

The FDA previously approved AquaBounty’s New Animal Drug Application (NADA) in November 2015, for the production, sale, and consumption of AquAdvantage Salmon in the United States.

Aquabounty 科技在收到美国食品与药物监管局对他们在印第安纳州靠近奥尔巴尼的新工厂的批准之后,正在扩大转基因三文鱼产品。


今年的前段时间,aquabounty 科技有限公司,发布了一项包销公开发行,预计将募集到1200万美元(9900万欧元)。

“公司现在趋向于利用这个发行的净收入去继续修筑和修复现在罗洛湾 [加拿大,爱德华王子岛] 和印第安纳州工厂,用于在我们印第安纳州和罗洛湾养殖基地,第一批鱼营运资金成本或者其他企业用途”aquabounty 在一月份说。


Aquabounty 在新闻发布会上说:“随着工厂得到批准后,aquadvantage 三文鱼的商业化生产,现在就只等FDA官方标签指南”。

“这是我们为消费者带来健康可持续三文鱼的又一里程碑,我们非常高兴FDA继续他们的严格科学审查过程,并批准我们申请的优点,”aquabounty CEO Ron Stotish 接着说“我们在奥尔巴尼工厂距印第安纳波利斯,底律特,克利夫兰,哥伦比亚,路易斯维尔和圣路易斯等主要市场仅数小时车程,这为我们提供巨大的发展机会,我们仍要努力的工作在我们能够生产之前,但是我们在最新的成就里,仍然感到很自豪。


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time : May 1 ,2018

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